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Mobile field shelters

   Shelters with one opening,

are supplied on a 90mm x 90mm steel skid system.

3.6 x 3.0                        

3.6 x 3.6                        

4.2 x 3.0                        

4.8 x 3.0                        

4.8 x 3.6                       


Shelters with two openings,

are supplied on a 100mm x 100mm steel skid system.


6.1 x 3.0                       

7.3 x 3.0                       

6.1 x 3.6                       

7.3 x 3.6                       



Mobile stables

Please call for further assistance with larger buildings.


Guttering              £12.00 a metre

Windows              £50.00

Gates etc are available on request

             Stable doors     

Bottom                 £110.00

Top                       £60.00

Diy Service

All our buildings are available in a DIY format which can be collected from our New Forest
Workshop. Please call to discuss prices.


Free delivery and installation within 25 miles of our New Forest Workshop.

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